Real Estate Closing with Florida Gulf Coast Title Specialists

Real Estate Closings – Commercial and Residential

  • At closing, we will produce all funding documents, tax certificates, title insurance policies, and all other necessary documents.
  • We will collect buyer and seller closing costs and distribute commission checks, if applicable, at the closing.
  • After closing, we will ensure all documents, such as property titles and deeds, are recorded properly.

For Sale by Owner

  • FGC Title Specialists will conduct a title search and order all reports and surveys needed to transfer property ownership.
  • We will ensure that all paperwork is in order for closing.
  • We will offer title insurance to protect the buyer and seller from unforeseen title issues.
For Sale by Owner with with Florida Gulf Coast Title Specialists
Refinanced closings with with Florida Gulf Coast Title Specialists

Refinance Closings

  • Because a borrower is required to purchase the lender’s title insurance policy for the loan closing, they are also entitled to use a settlement agent of their own choosing.  FGC Title Specialists is thorough, accurate, and timely in the processing of our title work and this ensures an excellent and preferable working relationship with lenders.
  • FGC Title Specialists searches for all available discounts on your title premiums and ensures you do not pay more than you should for your title costs and at settlement.
  • We take the time needed to properly execute your closing documents and make sure you are aware of your loan terms.

Owners and Encumbrances (O&E) Title Searches

  • We offer fast and affordable searches in order to find out what is encumbering (limiting or restricting) a property prior to listing it for sale.
  • O&E Title Searches are also ideal for equity line closings when no title insurance is offered or issued.
Owners and encumbrances with with Florida Gulf Coast Title Specialists
Construction loan closings with with Florida Gulf Coast Title Specialists

Construction Loan Closings

  • FGC Title Specialists has vast experience in closing loans for builders, investors, and private individuals.
  • We will assist in construction loan closing and holding funds for disbursement prior to closing.
  • We will file the proper paperwork to update titles.
  • FGC Title Specialists will also obtain lien wavers from contractors in accordance with instruction obtained by the lender and Florida law.

Witness/Notary Closings, Notary Services

  • FGC Title Specialists can assist you with any notary needs that you might have from a single document to an entire loan package.
  • Notary services are very important when it comes to having a seamless closing and we are more than happy to provide these services to you.
Witness and notary closings / services with Florida Gulf Coast Title Specialists